Friday, April 16, 2010

Smile for the camera

I was in the middle of taking pictures of my Tuna Casserole and my faithful old camera took it's last breathe...or last shutter. 

I had turned it on the take a photo of the steamy tuna pouring onto the pasta and just as the image showed up on the viewer it suddenly turned itself off and never went back on. I thought ok maybe the battery needs recharging so I took out the batteries and out came a tiny piece of metal... part of the connection point came off right at the very back of the battery case.

.....I just couldn't believe it. In the middle of my little photo shoot and no camera. How was I going to document my Tuna Casserole. 

So seeing that I committed myself to my foodie challenge "Cook/bake something new each day or every other day" I'll have to take the "every other day" and post this recipe later.... but not to worry because I've now got my new camera as of this afternoon so I'll be back tomorrow :)

My new Nikon camera......I actually wanted a pink one but chose the neutral champagne colour instead

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