Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Post

I've finally made it, my first post on this blog!
....and its taken a long time since I first got down to figuring out how to start this off.

I'm a newbie at all this blogging stuff, esp. working out the layouts and the amazing things you can do with the background, headers, fonts and so many more. I got stuck looking at all the free templates and then I got onto the DIY designs. Some of which I have absolutely no idea how to use changing all the fonts. I tried to change the header but some how that didn't quite work out and looking at all the computer jargon I'm completely lost. HElp!!

Just too much choices and they're all so pretty! I just couldn't decide where to start and what I wanted. So expect some changes to come this way.

Life at home has also kept me away for this blog. I'm trying to juggle family life with 3 kids and trying to keep sane at the same time..... Is that really possible??

Someone is always demanding your time (Mum, can you get me that... / Mum, he's annoying me again/ Mum, I'm hungry/ Mum, blah blah.....) and before you know it your whole day has gone .... and where do you find time for "me" is always on your mind on your "things to do" list. When you're running after a 15 month old all day long, "me" time always gets tangled up with some other activity of the day.... so you can see from the time I get to post this, "me" time is around 2am!

Another thing that has been keeping away for this blog is my self imposed commitment to cooking/baking something new each day or every other day. So I'll be keeping you posted on my attempts with new recipes and pics... Bread craze for the moment! Bagels, Ciabatta, bread loaves for now. YUm

Anyway, more from me later. "me" time is getting in the way of sleep. ZZzzzzzzzzzz for now.

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