Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost & Found

You know when u have "lost" something and u thought u saw it just the other day moments.

Well, I spent the better half of this morning looking for Jacob's red shoe. I remember him playing with it the other night and making the mental note to put it away, but of course I forgot. So now I had only one shoe.

...................Oh how very frustrating!!!!

So, anyway I turned up the toy boxes looking for it looking high and low for this stupid shoe. Sweating and crazy obsessed with finding this shoe. Jacob must have thought I was playing with him, having seen me going pulling out all his toys from his toy boxes.

And of course it was in the most obvious place any 15 month would put it........... tv cabinet!!!!

.........Aaarrgggghhhh!!!! mummy moment

I'm now looking for Tristan's dictionary

Am I getting forgetful again???

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