Monday, May 3, 2010

Away for the Weekend...

This weekend I was away from the kitchen spending some quality time with my dad and sampling some local delights. 

A walk to the local Central Market & Fish Market to have a look at what the fishing boats brought in that morning.....

Fresh Garouper, Rock Cod, Red Snapper, Parrot Fish and some Flounder.

Fresh Crabs... all different sizes and some lalas.

Dried ikan bilis (anchovies) & dried chillies.

An assortment of dried fish all different varieties and sizes.

Sea Cucumbers...

Dried, sea cumber, scallops, prawns, fish maw, squid & ikan bilis.

Yep... It's mango season!

A weekend full of food... steamed tofu, deep fried intestines (I didn't eat this!), fish porridge, tempura, pork tonkatsu, tom yum fish & prawns, fish noodle soup (lots of thickly sliced garouper, fish cake!), kit chai ping (preserved plum and fresh lime iced cold), sashimi and sushi.

Jacob enjoying a bowl full of handmade noodles and having a treat of sesame seed ice cream.... mmmm yum!


  1. Looks delicious! My aunt and her young family of three boys (at the time) spent several years in Malaysia, so I would hear about Kota Kinabalu. My heart is swooning over those mangoes, dried fish and noodles! Thank you for sharing!

  2. There's so many things to discover at the local markets. I hardly get to go through the fish market but it's amazing the range of seafood you can find!
    I've lived here for almost 15 years and this place still has so many surprises.... esp the food!



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