Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Treat

This Father's Day I thought I'd treat hubby to his choice of dessert and so I asked him what he wanted me to make for him..... Cheesecake! Well, I had to perfect cheesecake recipe I wanted to try out and this was that special occasion for it. 

I found this Oreo and Yoghurt Baby Cheesecakes recipe posted by Denise @ Quickies On The Dinner Table. She made this delicious and oh so yummy treat for her son's 12th birthday and I've been wanting to make it ever since I saw it on Foodbuzz.

So thank you Denise for making our dessert time a special treat. We ate it all and planning on making another batch real soon.... This was Jacob's first time eating chocolate cookies and he had a real blast eating some of the remaining Oreos....Oreo crumbles and everything!


  1. your baby is gorgeous, was there cheesecake in the picture? Hard to get past that great little face....have a great FD....the cheesecake certainly looks wonderful!

  2. looking so good, I have to give it a try, thanks :)

  3. Jacob ate 2 baby cheesecakes and all that remains are the Oreo crumbles around his mouth!

  4. I know Denise's recipe is amazing! Your son is adorable and I bet he very much enjoyed his cheesecake from mommy!

  5. Hubby asked me to make some more last night so it's now a firm fav!

  6. Hi Cinda!

    I can't tell you how pleased I am that the cheesecakes turned out so well and that most importantly, your family enjoyed them!!!

    Nothing makes me happier! Thanks so much for the kind mention and I hope hubby had a great Father's Day :)

  7. ;) awesome recipe! Tq for sharing it with us. It was the perfect ending for Father's Day.



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