Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World Cup ... 4 more years to go.

We cheered, we cried, we booed, we rejoiced and we ate! The FIFA World Cup is finally over and although none of my favourite teams didn't win, we all had a good time watching the game. 

Australia got out early in the game. England left too but not without trying. Holland came so close..... Another 4 more years to go and we'll be up again at the midnight hour watching with anticipation for the game to begin again.


  1. it will be worse cause it will be in Brazil and they will play games with Europe in mind, just like the US World Cup. New Zealand is the only to have not lost in this world cup!!

  2. I heard that they are having trouble getting any sort of plans ready. No stadium? Traffic probs and security. Looking forward to watch it.



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